The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has made their decision on H&R REIT’s applications to remove provincial zoning from this property “to facilitate future development on the land and a larger parking lot”.

Summary of the decision:

  1. H&R REIT’s application to remove specific areas of their 2175 Cornwall Rd property from the Parkway Belt West Plan (PBWP) has been fully granted and no part of that property is within the PBWP.
  2. H&R REIT’s application to remove the existing Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) which permits agriculture use only, was also successful so the existing building and warehouse use of the land is no longer non-compliant. 
  3. A new MZO has been applied to the property. It restricts the building size to the current Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 29,200 square feet (per the July 2020 Town of Oakville Resolution) and capping the parking lot 689 spaces (per the January 0221 Settlement Offer) has been placed on the property.

Here are links to the MMAH documents:


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