Last week the Town held a public meeting to share new options to revitalize the downtown Towne Square. The Town would like your feedback in the next 10 days so they can prepare refined options for another public consultation and report to Council in September.

The Towne Square would be part of the Lakeshore Road construction in 2019.
We encourage you to provide feedback to us or directly to the Town. It is most helpful when you are specific about what you like/don’t like and what your suggestions are.

For example: Do you feel grass is essential?  How do you feel about the provision of public seating (more or less)?  What architectural features do you like?  What kind of water feature do you support, if any?  Does it feel family friendly?…etc, etc.

Review the PDF presentation from NAK landscape design consultants. – Oakville Towne Square Revitalization PM#1

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