We have taken one more giant step forward in the achievement of a Community Centre on the Hospital Lands. On April 8 Town Council passed the Staff Recommendation for the South Central Land Use with amendments. The  details of the  Staff Report  can be found on the Town website  under Planning and Development April 8 along with appendixes related to the report. Scroll down to the South Central Land Use Final Recommendation and the second report which is the Implementation plan. http://securet.oakville.ca/eams/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=1766&doctype=SUMMARY


The next step on the Community Centre journey is to have funds earmarked in the CAPITAL Plan which will be in early Summer. There is a lot of discussion regarding how the Community Centre will be funded. The simple answer is the Town is projecting 1/3 will come from Development Charges and a large part of the funding could come from the sale of school and Hospital Lands development. Funds cannot be specifically directed from the school and hospital development to the Community Centre. However, the revenues generated help us get Council’s approval for CAPITAL  Funds.  More to come on this issue.


What does this mean for THE Chisholm  Public School lands?

It means that the plan as recommended will  now go through an implementation plan to prepare the property for development. We will stay close to this and share more details as to the timing for demolition. The site will be subject to public consultation on the actual residential development. We need you to continue to communicate and participate in the process.

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