On January 23, 2023, the Town’s Planning and Development Council received a request for an Official Plan Amendment to rezone 2551 Sherwood Heights Drive (formerly 50 Sherwood Heights Drive) from Open/Natural space to E2 Business Employment.  JCRA is opposed to this request because this E2 zoning permits warehousing.   

Since 2020, on multiple occasions, JCRA has requested the Town of Oakville to review the permitted uses in E2 Businesss Employment and remove warehousing from E2.  To date there has been no review or change to the E2 zoning uses. 

Unless warehousing is removed from E2 zoning, we are opposed to designating any additional property in Oakville that borders, or has any proximity to residential housing, as E2 to prevent other residents from being subjected to the negative impacts of mega warehouses like the recently approved Winston Churchill warehouses.

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