Garlic mustard is an invasive plant that is native to Europe.  It is one of the greatest threats to woodlands in Oakville and across Ontario. This invasive plant displaces native wild flowers and plants, including White Trilliums. Garlic mustard does not provide a valuable food source for native wildlife, and takes the place of other native plants and shrubs that do.

What can residents do about this invasive plant?  Garlic mustard is easy to remove from your property.  Hand pull plants as close to the ground as possible to ensure roots are removed along with the plant. Place pulled plants into plastic garbage bags, tie shut and leave in the sun for a couple of days before disposing. To ensure the plant seeds do not end up in the Town’s compost material, it is important that you do not not put the plant in paper lawn bags with other plant material.  

You can read more information about Garlic Mustard (and other invasive plants) on the  Town’s website.

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