Monday March 18th at 7pm in the Oakville Town Council Chambers

The Planning Dept will present their recommendation to Planning and Development Council.

This link will take you to the Planning Agenda for March 18th. Click on the South Central Land Study portion of the agenda to read the report in its entirety.

JCRA supports the Staff Recommendation. It is not perfect but does achieve several key objectives

1) It provides for the first ever South East multi- generational community centre with a pool on the Hospital lands

2) It preserves the woodlot and playground at Chisholm while ensuring activity in those areas is more visible to the community minimizing the vandalism concerns

3) It provides similar land use/ playground options for Brantwood and Linbrook

4) Residential development will maintain the character of our neighbourhood and be within Livable Oakville

The Town will have further meetings on the details of residential development and the community centre once it is approved by Council.

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