Dear Neighbourhood Residents,

In deciding where to support the construction of a much needed community facility in Southern Oakville, the JCRA Board of Directors undertook a number of initiatives including survey’s, meetings with other Residents’ Associations, reviews of prior costs and sources of funding for other Oakville facilities, meetings with town representatives and general solicitation of views from residents within our neighbourhood. At first blush, the Chisholm school land may appear as an ideal location for a new community facility given the current vacant school at the location and the lack of any similar facilities close by. After a detailed review of the Chisholm location versus other alternatives, we are concerned about some of the pragmatic realities facing this location including:

• Size/Footprint of land – It does not appear that there is enough space for anything but a small community facility on the Chisholm land. Most interested parties have indicated a desire for a pool as part of any new community facility, especially factoring in the scheduled closing of the Centennial Pool downtown. The Chisholm land doesn’t appear to have enough space to accommodate a pool and other facilities without sacrificing important green and play space.

• Parking – There is currently limited parking constructed for the Chisholm school and not near enough to support a community facility (even a small one).

• Local residence resistance – There are mixed immediate neighbourhood views on a community facility at the Chisholm land given the expected increased traffic flow, parking and lighting needs. A number of proximate residents would prefer a busy community facility not be so close to their
homes. This perspective has been evidenced historically through the resistance to the expansion of the Maple Grove ice rink facility as well as the intended Aspen Forest soccer field expansion.

• Cost of a facility – Through our review of the cost to build and run the Iroquois Ridge, Glen Abbey and QEP facilities, we feel it is unlikely the town will support multiple smaller neighbourhood community centres. Larger facilities can afford to have better operating hours to meet the needs of the community as there is activity in various parts of the facility throughout the day.

• Views of other South Oakville Residents’ Associations – There is significant support for a new community facility within South East/ South Central Oakville from the other South Oakville Residents’ Associations. There is significantly less interest or support by these groups for a new community facility on the Chisholm land.

We have come to a conclusion, collectively with TEN other Residents’ Associations, that our best chance to having a multi -generational community centre built in Southern Oakville is through the collective support for a large community facility to be built on the surplus Hospital Lands. If you would like further input into this important decision, the JCRA Board of Directors have monthly meetings and would welcome your attendance to provide your perspective. Or contact us at . For more information about JCRA and the community centre visit

Please go to the petition at and make your views known.

Yours Truly,
JCRA Board of Directors

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