Gypsy moths are destructive pests that appear in late July – August. We are fortunate in southeast Oakville to have a wonderful tree canopy – in our many parks, trails, and our own backyards. For the benefit and enjoyment of both present and future generations, we must protect this natural environment. Conservation Halton urges all residents to participate in the control program.

Here’s what to do now, September to late April: remove and destroy egg masses

  • The gypsy moth is in the egg stage between early September and late April. Egg masses can be found on tree trunks, branches, buildings, and objects around the house
  • One egg contains about 300 eggs. By destroying them you will significantly reduce the number of caterpillars that emerge in the spring
  • Place collect egg masses in soapy water for a few days and then discard them in the garbage
  • Scrape off egg masses with a dull knife. If they fall on the ground, crush them with your shoe
  • Egg masses are easy to vacuum off trees, buildings, and other objects with a portable household vacuum cleaner.

Let’s enjoy our natural heritage!

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