JCRA has received a contact name to whom residents can e-mail concerns and feedback on the Amazon facility:

Mr. Benjamin Clare, Senior Land Use Planner, McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers can be reached at:


McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers is the consulting firm retained by HR REIT to manage the Site Plan Application (SPA) for 2175 Cornwall Rd.  As part of their work on this SPA, McIntosh Perry conducted the Traffic Study and Environment Impact Assessment.

McIntosh Perry will take responsibility for ensuring all emails go to HR REIT and Amazon. Mr. Clare has advised responses to emails may not be immediate or individual; rather they may be consolidated and/or sent back via Town Planning staff. 

Please copy JCRA on your emails.  We can maintain a list of the questions and concerns put directly to HR REIT and Amazon to ensure all concerns are answered.  As well, consider copying our Ward 3 Councillors, the Mayor and MPP Stephen Crawford to ensure they continue to hear residents’ concerns.




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