New submissions from H&R REIT for their Site Plan Application have just been posted on the Town’s website, including updated Traffic and Noise studies and a Canopy Cover Plan.  You can view all new documents on the town’s website here.  JCRA is currently reviewing the documents to understand how changes will impact residents. We will also be reviewing these new documents against questions previously raised but not yet answered.

These new site plan documents will be reviewed by various Town departments, in addition to Planning.  As well, the new traffic study will be sent to an external consultant for review.  This report will also need time to be reviewed.

Accordingly, Town Planning staff have advised us, through our Councillors, that we can expect the Site Plan Application to come before Town Council in February 2021.  

Please continue to bring forward your concerns and comments to JCRA, to our Councillors, and to Mayor Burton (  and our MPP Stephen Crawford (

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