Midtown planning is at a critical stage. Questions coming forward from residents across Oakville include: Is it true that the projections of people and jobs over the coming decades will be more than 80 thousand ?  Must this be done? Are such tall buildings a necessity?   

On January 30th  at 6:30 pm, the Midtown Committee will hear from the consultants on their vision for Midtown, and next steps. Please read a summary of questions sent to our Ward 3 Councillors to date on the Take Action page of their  independent and comprehensive website www.midtownoakville.ca.  The Town is required to plan and grow beyond the 20,000 people and jobs but how and how many is responsible livable growth? Do we have a made for Oakville solution? Have the consultants achieved the mandate of May 23, 2023? Residents can delegate their feedback at the January 30th meeting by emailing townclerk@oakville.ca or speak when the audience is polled. This is an excellent opportunity to show our Town Council you care about the future of Oakville.

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