Community Centre

Community Centre – November 28 Update

Following a recent 'think tank' on the land uses available to the Town, the attached report has been presented to council outlining the options available. The report can be found at Further...

Community Centre Update – Success!!

After months of diligent work and residents’ support, we are extremely pleased to announce that the first phase of our efforts has been 100% successful. At a meeting of Town Council on October 29, a revised Parks, Recreation and Libraries Master Plan was submitted by...

Why support a community centre on the Hospital Lands?

Dear Neighbourhood Residents, In deciding where to support the construction of a much needed community facility in Southern Oakville, the JCRA Board of Directors undertook a number of initiatives including survey's, meetings with other Residents’ Associations, reviews...

Survey about Community Centres in SE Oakville

In May/June 2011, JCRA conducted a survey of residents to find out their views about Community Centres. Its objective was to determine residents’ opinions and beliefs about a community centre for SE Oakville – what should be a part of it, where it may be located, and issues that accompany this development. We appreciate everyone who responded and also those who made their views known in telephone calls, emails and conversations. The Community Centre issue is important and as you will read below, the survey confirmed there is overwhelming support for a community centre below the QEW.

Hospital Lands and Parks and Rec update.

JCRA wrote to the Town Planner responsible for the Hospital Lands project requesting that we be included as key stakeholders in the consultation process and that the terms of reference given to the retained planning consultants be expanded to include the potential impact of redevelopment of Centennial Square and school lands.

Excessive Speed along Lakeshore Road East

Excessive traffic speed along Lakeshore Road East, in the region from Winston Churchill to Ford Drive has been an issue of great concern for many years. Local residents have brought it to the attention of the Town of Oakville. This is of particular concern as it is in the location of a school where young children need to cross Lakeshore Road. As a result, speed studies were conducted in 2008 and 2010. On both occasions, a substantial percentage of traffic was traveling at speeds far in excess of the posted maximum of 50km/h.

Presentation to Budget Committee February 16, 2011. Town Hall

Thank you for this opportunity to share with you some issues and concerns from Joshua Creek Residents Association as it pertains to your all-important budget deliberations.
My name is Janet Haslett-Theall and I am here as president of JCRA. My delegation tonight is also endorsed by the CMGRA community.
Tonight I would like to address two budget issues that impact our community.
One issue is the potential elimination of Bus Route #25. And the Second issue is the need to make provisions in your budget for a multi generational community centre in our community.

Chisholm School Site /Community Centre

Chisholm School Site /Community Centre – With the planned closing of this elementary school in the heart of our community, JCRA is undertaking an active role in the process to ensure community consultation is thorough and respected.

Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital – Although this facility is well outside our JCRA territory, we believe the transformation and development of the site when the hospital moves to its new location in northwest Oakville will a direct impact on the people in the JCRA community.

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