Dear fellow residents,

Thank you to everyone (475 of you) that took the time complete the Downtown Cultural Hub Survey. It was time well spent as the survey provided us with great feedback to share with the Town.

The Staff  released their proposal for Phase 1 of the Downtown plan on September 25, 2015 which they presented to Planning and Development on October 5. Since we had just completed the survey analysis  we were able to share with Council your feedback and emphasize that there is still work to be done before a final Downtown Cultural Hub design is determined.

JCRA along with Chartwell Maple Grove Resident Association, Trafalgar Chartwell Resident Association and Oakville Lakeside Resident Association agreed to present as a coalition given we all participated in the survey. JCRA presented the Survey results and Oakville Lakeside a summary of concerns related to the staff request for implementation of the Downtown Streetscape and Downtown Cultural Hub.  Copies of the delegations are attached for your review. As of October  it is our understanding that serious consideration is being given to deferring any decisions until November 2, 2015 and that an additional deferral period may occur for the Cultural Hub components to address the questions the survey raised. We will update you!

Our next delegation will be to the Budget committee to reinforce that the Southeast Community Recreation Centre is a priority. We are hoping that the Health Hub survey results will be released by the Goodings Committee to the public by then so we can speak to your feedback from survey as well. As always we welcome your comments.

Downtown Survey Delegation PDF (181Kb)

Downtown Cultural Hub Delegation PDF (197Kb)


Janet Haslett-Theall, JCRA President

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