In 2008, the conclusion was as follows:

“Since the local school is small and Lakeshore is a minor arterial, this doesn’t warrant the usual traffic calming measures as seen for example on Maple Grove (speed bumps, crossing guards, flashing lights at school in/out time). The decision at the time was determined best-addressed using police speed reinforcement.”

Since the initial speed study in 2008 and the implemented police reinforcement, no further improvement in the reduction of traffic speed has occurred. Indeed, in the 2010 speed study, it was found that 50% of traffic was traveling at around 60km/h and a further 15% at 66-68km/h. Despite this excessive speed and the concern of residents, it was still determined that police speed reinforcement was the best solution.

Local residents feel that more permanent measures should be taken to reduce the speed of traffic in the location of the school, similar to those on Maple Grove Drive. A 40km/h flashing signal at school arrival/departure times may well be the best initial solution.

We are in communications with Councillor Dave Gittings to help find a solution on the issue.

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