On Monday Feb 23, 2015 a group of delegations including JCRA, Chartwell Maple Grove Resident Association (represented by Tim Danter), Trafalgar Chartwell Resident Association, and three local residents, Scott McColeman, John- Frederick Cameron of the Oakville Federal Liberal Riding association and Che Marville, President of the Oakville NDP riding association spoke regarding a motion to ban election signs on public lands.

All delegations spoke to the need for reasonable limits and solutions versus the extreme of banning signs. No delegations came forward to support banning election signs on public lands though letters were received by Town Council. You can watch the delegation on TV Cogeco this week. Neighbourhood feedback to JCRA was supportive of the board’s position with a desire to find solutions that set reasonable limits and  enhanced by-law enforcement as needed.

Town Council listened and voted 10-1 to refer the matter back to staff to find a solution that is more balanced. Our delegation is posted in the pdf below.


Election Signs – Delegation to Council Feb 23 2015 – Pdf 80Kb

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