Posted July 25, 2014

Canada Post has agreed to work with the resident associations on the implementation of Community Mailboxes, however Canada Post remains the final decision maker on the location of mailboxes. In locations of concern they are open to considering alternative sites with us.  The timing for consideration of alternative sites is very short. We are being asked to consolidate feedback by July 4. We are trying to get more time but let’s work together to see what we can provide by that date.


What are your next steps:

1) If you have already submitted to JCRA  concerns regarding a site we have those listed and they are a priority for researching alternatives.  If you have not suggested an alternative please  provide us with alternatives you believe meet the Canada Post criteria.

2) We have posted the most up to date list (Mailbox Locations (June 25)) from Canada Post of the location of the mailboxes. You can determine your box location by the CMB number which is related to 3 digits in your postal code. The list is also showing the number of residents in the CMB area tied to a “4000” number which is the actual site location.

3) If after reviewing the location of your mailbox you have a concern please email us with your concern and the reason for it. Please include an alternative site that meets the criteria and would be more amenable to your neighbours.

4) Pass this email onto your neighbours as they may not be on JCRA’S email list.


What will JCRA do with the list of concerns:

Canada Post is assigning a delivery planner to each Resident Association. We will review the sites that are of concern with CP and alternatives that may be preferable based on you and your neighbour’s emails to us.  Should CP choose to change a location Canada Post would still knock on the 3 closest residences about the site location.  We will also post the list of changed locations once they are confirmed by Canada Post.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What if we now want to change to a larger number of boxes further away from our street ?

The Canada Post survey clearly showed a preference to a smaller number of boxes closer to homes but that  may not apply to every part of our neighbourhood.  If you wish to propose moving your street box to a common area off your street,  you ask that you provide a written letter signed by the street residents stating your request and the site(s) you are prepared to walk or drive to. Please consider the impact on neighbours where you are proposing the site be moved too.  In some instances the Town would have to approve the site as it would go beyond the municipal easement.

2) What is the status of the complaint I filed with Canada Post?

If Canada Post is still in discussions with you and you are making progress: keep talking. They will update us when we review all the concerns and alternatives.

3) When will they be installed?

Engineering drawings are being drawn up in August for a Sept/Oct installation is what we are being told.

4) How will I know if a box is re located after this process?

Canada Post will finalize the list of sites later in July and be communicating that to residents .  JCRA will  publish the final list on our website as well.

5) Should I still call Canada Post and MP Young?

Canada Post and MP Young will continue to take your concerns. They are hoping that through working with the residents association we can find constructive solutions but as they are the final decision makers if you are not satisfied with the alternatives or a decision to not move your box; of course contact them again.

6) What if a larger site is being suggested and needs Town approval because it is not on an easement ( which CP has the automatic right to use)

We are working with the Town to see what can be done to support exceptional sites.

Canada Post Site Criteria: as provided by Canada Post:

In the interests of safety we ask that residents exercise caution if looking for a site. Please contact Canada Post if any on-road measurements are required or you need any assistance.

On public easements:

  • As unobtrusive as possible;
  • As close as possible to the customers it will serve (catchment area);
  • Sidewalks are present; if available, but can be located on roads with no sidewalks;
  • Sides of corner lots, away from windows and driveways whenever possible;
  • Set back from intersections to provide clear sight lines(metres minimum below);

Walkways or other public spaces where space permits and snow removal services are present;
Close to street lighting wherever possible.

Private property with permission (such as church parking lot, convenience store, strip mall, gas station, etc.)

Roads with travel speed of 60 km/h or below:

Minimum distance requirements:

  • From intersection: 9 metres
  • From driveway, water drain: 3 metres
  • From utility box / fire hydrant: 2 metres
  • From street light, rear lot line: 1 metre
  • From trees – subjective – consider drip zone and roots
  • In front of schools – avoid wherever possible
  • No stopping zone – not acceptable unless no other available site location
  • No parking zone – acceptable

CMBs can be placed in areas without sidewalks or curbs.

Canada Post will install culverts and or retaining walls as required to facilitate drainage requirements.

All sites must be wheel chair accessible

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