After months of diligent work and residents’ support, we are extremely pleased to announce that the first phase of our efforts has been 100% successful.

At a meeting of Town Council on October 29, a revised Parks, Recreation and Libraries Master Plan was submitted by staff and approved by Council. The new plan provides for preservation of Trafalgar Park (and a renovated or rebuilt Oakville Arena) and a full-sized community centre hub on the old hospital lands to include a pool (if Centennial Pool is closed). (click here for FAQs on the Parks, Recreation and Libraries Master Plan)

At that Council meeting, Joshua Creek Residents Association President Janet Haslett-Theall presented a statement on behalf of the Community Centre Coalition (CCC) in support of the revised report, and presented Council with the 1,425 petition signatures that had been collected.

This is an enormous victory for the Coalition and for all Ward 2 and 3 residents! Thank you for your support – it has been invaluable. We also want to thank Town staff and councilors that were supportive and listened carefully and fully to residents about our wishes.  This is a forward step in making Oakville a more livable and great Town.

But our work is not done.

Discussions are beginning on what form these facilities will take, and in early 2013, decisions will be made about how they are funded.  The next steps are multiple Resident’s Associations and individual residents’ input into the South Central Lands Study being conducted by the Town.  This Study will ultimately recommend the location of the community centre facilities and also what should happen to the Chisholm Public School property (and the other vacant school properties).

There will be an open house on December 5 to provide further information to the community – please visit the town’s website for further details.

Please visit our site for updates on this important community initiative.

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