A Site Plan Application (SPA) has been submitted to the Town by H&R REIT, property owner of 2175 Cornwall Rd for site changes to accommodate a delivery operation for their tenant, Amazon.   The property has E2 Zoning and Town Planning staff have advised that the proposed facility meets E2 Zoning criteria.  Click here to view the SPA documents on the Town’s website.

JCRA has been reviewing the site plan documents since they were posted in late April.  We submitted a list of questions and concerns about the impact of the warehouse on the neighbourhood to Town planning staff and our Ward 3 Councillors in early May.  More questions were submitted in July. 

To date, JCRA has met twice with Town planning staff to discuss our concerns and questions, and more frequently with our Councillors.  We have also raised our concerns with Mayor Burton via email and through Zoom meetings.  Click our list of updated questions  to review questions and those responses received to date.  A number of responses are currently outstanding as the Town is waiting for additional traffic and facility operations info requested from the applicant.

Over the past two months, JCRA asked the Town several times to contract a third-party traffic review, in addition to their own review.  Last week, we were very pleased to when Town planning staff advised that they would retain an external traffic consultant to review the traffic study submitted for the site plan application.  Town staff also committed to answering to answering all the questions JCRA has put forward on behalf of residents.

JCRA is working with our Ward 3 Councillors to mitigate potential negative impacts from this Amazon facility on our neighbourhood.  We will continue to update residents on the progress and status of this site plan application so keep checking back on the website.

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