downtownLOGO The vision for Oakville’s Downtown Plan is to create an active, attractive and vibrant downtown where people come together to be engaged, to live, meet, work, stay and interact.

It will be the cultural, social and economic heart of our community where citizens and visitors can celebrate and experience the natural setting, heritage, culture and the arts.

The Downtown Plan includes:

The Cultural Hub and The Transportation and Streetscape Design.

(plans also include renovations to Towne Hall and a proposed Parking Garage on Church Street)

Downtown Plan moves into engineering design phase for Lakeshore Road

Final report for Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study presented to Council The Downtown Plan moves into a new phase as Council approved the Streetscape Master Plan at its meeting Monday night (April 13, 2015), and instructed staff to start the engineering...

Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study (DTS) report

Next Planning and Development Council meeting scheduled for: Monday, April 13, 2015 Town Hall, Council Chamber 7 p.m. All DTS staff and consultant reports are available at on the DTS webpage. Hard copies are also available for viewing at Town Hall and at...

Banning of Election Signs in Oakville

The JCRA board is concerned that Town Council is once again considering banning election signs on public property. We recognize that for 4-5 weeks this fall Ford Drive was sign crazy. We also had the largest number of candidates of all the wards. However, we believe...

JCRA Position Paper – November 2014

Street Furnishings and Towne Square Designs Re: Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study At a public meeting held on October 9, 2014 the Town of Oakville presented three options with respect to the Downtown Street Furnishings and three new design concepts for our...

JCRA Position Paper – October 2014

Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study The Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study (DTS) is one of two components that make up the Downtown Plan. Your JCRA directors have been actively involved in various Downtown planning consultation processes and have...

JCRA Downtown Position Paper June 7, 2014

The Joshua Creek Residents Association (JCRA) supports the Town of Oakville’s proposal for a downtown cultural hub as a means to revitalize the economy of our downtown. We have taken the opportunity to study the different concepts as presented in the Downtown Plan and...

Hospital Lands and Parks and Rec update.

JCRA wrote to the Town Planner responsible for the Hospital Lands project requesting that we be included as key stakeholders in the consultation process and that the terms of reference given to the retained planning consultants be expanded to include the potential impact of redevelopment of Centennial Square and school lands.