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JCRA – Annual General Meeting (AGM)

2018 Annual General Meeting

What a great turnout for our joint AGM with Maple Grove Chartwell Residents Association.

Attached is the a copy of the 2018 AGM for those that missed the excitement.

A special thank you to those of you who made a membership donation either at the AGM or with a Director. We will be using the funds to update our website and  communication materials.


Chisholm School Lands – Update

Posted February 7, 2018


The former Chisholm school land (165 Charnwood Drive) purchase has been completed and a development sign has been posted on the property. Green Park Group has named the development the Georgian Estate Collection.

Also attached special provisions (below), for this property, created by the town as part of the conditions related to the purchase and sale of the property.

Link to Green Park webpage for Georgian Estate Collection

Chisholm Special Provisions – April 21, 2017 (pdf 144Kb)


South East Community Centre – Update

January 10, 2018


The proposed design for the South East Community Centre has been completed and has been assembled for public review.

To see the latest version of the proposed design in pdf click on the link below.


SECC Architect Presentation Nov 28 2017 PDF (1.5mb)


South East Community Centre – Update

Former Hospital Lands Report – from Council meeting May 2, 2017

The five resident associations of Ward 3 (South East Oakville) prepared a delegation that was presented to council on May 2 , 2017. See attached PDF of the letter to council.

RA Delegation to Council May 2, 2017 (77Kb)


We have also attached the reports presented by council that evening (May 2) by council:

Master Plan – Former Hospital Lands (634Kb)

Five year review of 2012 Parks and Rec and Library (313Kb)

Recreation and Cultural Develp. on SECC (304Kb)

Financial Statement – Former Hospital Lands (330Kb)


For additional information link to the towns Hospital Lands webpage – Click Here.




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Posted May 11, 2016

Can the OMB be fixed enough to be saved?: Oakville mayor

After years of talking about reforming the Ontario Municipal Board, it’s time to act.Screenshot 2016-05-11 21.36.32

Our mayor, Rob Burton speaks out over his concerns regarding the OMB.

Article here…(link to




Residents Guide to the Committee of Adjustment (COA) and “Minor Variances” – By John Canham (TCRA)

Posted Mar 9, 2016


We are pleased to share John Canham’s guide to the Committee of Adjustment. Over the past 16 months we have been working with TCRA, CMGRA and Oakville Lakeside to bring forward concerns regarding how the Town planners and the Committee of Adjustment address variance requests.

JCRA remains concerned that development in our area needs to be within our zoning bylaws and respectful of the character of our neighbourhoods. John’s guide gives residents valuable insight into this complex process. A Town guide is being developed and we will share it upon publication.


Click here for PDF version (66Kb)



Living With Coyotes – Town says public education is key to living with coyotes

Posted January 24, 2016


The Information Night on January 20, 2016 at St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School heard about coyote behaviour and what we all need to do to ensure a peaceful coexistence with wildlife in our community.

Information Night Wrap-up Pdf (103Kb)

Living With Coyotes Fact Sheet Pdf (161Kb)


These tips can help alleviate conflicts and discourage coyotes from approaching people and private property:


Never feed a coyote. Ensure garbage, compost and pet food are inaccessible.

* Do not leave food waste in community garbage cans. This encourages coyotes and other wildlife to frequent parks, sidewalks and school grounds to find food.

* Discourage coyotes from entering your property by consistently frightening them away. This is called “hazing”. Use motion sensor lights, spray with a hose, throw sticks or small objects, make lots of noise.

* Do not approach or attempt to tame or let your dog play with a coyote.

* Keep pets on leash as per town by-laws. Supervise them when they are in the yard. Cats should not be permitted to roam freely.

* If you encounter a coyote, waive your arms, shout, and act aggressively towards it. If approached while walking a small dog, pick your dog up and slowly back away while continuing to make loud noise. Do not turn your back on a coyote.

* If a coyote poses an immediate risk to safety, call 911.


Please report coyote sightings and activity through this Form (Click here)

If there is an immediate risk to safety call 911 as the reporting system is not designed to respond to these types of calls.


For more information please follow the link to the town website page on Coyotes (Click Link)




A Report on the Community Impact of the Oakville Hospital Move

Posted December 14, 2015


In July of this year we circulated to our members a Family Health Hub Survey developed by the Oakville Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, OTMH Site.  The purpose of the survey was (1) to assess what effect the OTMH move will have on residents living in South-Central and South-East Oakville, especially those who are seniors and those of any age who are physically challenged or require continuing, chronically complex care, and (2) to assess service options for the proposed Family Health Hub adjacent to or part of the planned Community Centre.  


Five residents associations, including JCRA, assisted the Ad Hoc Committee in the distribution of the survey. The response to the survey was tremendous. 1,204 households responded. Thank you for your participation! The results of the survey have been summarized by the Ad Hoc Committee in its report to the Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network ( “MH LHIN” ). The report is posted below. The Ad Hoc committee advises they are working with the LHIN on taking action to address the concerns raised and the resident associations are reaching out to MPP Flynn to ask for his assistance.


In addition we have already delegated to Town Council emphasizing the urgent need for a Family Health Hub in close proximity to the planned Community Centre. The JCRA will continue to work tirelessly to make sure we have a Community Centre with the types of services you require. Once again, thank you for your participation in the survey. We will update you as we become aware of progress.


Report on the Community Impact attached here – PDF 7.5mb


JCRA Delegation to council

Re: Downtown Cultural Hub and Downtown Plan

Posted October 25, 2015


Dear fellow residents,

Thank you to everyone (475 of you) that took the time complete the Downtown Cultural Hub Survey. It was time well spent as the survey provided us with great feedback to share with the Town.

The Staff  released their proposal for Phase 1 of the Downtown plan on September 25, 2015 which they presented to Planning and Development on October 5. Since we had just completed the survey analysis  we were able to share with Council your feedback and emphasize that there is still work to be done before a final Downtown Cultural Hub design is determined.


JCRA along with Chartwell Maple Grove Resident Association, Trafalgar Chartwell Resident Association and Oakville Lakeside Resident Association agreed to present as a coalition given we all participated in the survey. JCRA presented the Survey results and Oakville Lakeside a summary of concerns related to the staff request for implementation of the Downtown Streetscape and Downtown Cultural Hub.  Copies of the delegations are attached for your review. As of October  it is our understanding that serious consideration is being given to deferring any decisions until November 2, 2015 and that an additional deferral period may occur for the Cultural Hub components to address the questions the survey raised. We will update you!


Our next delegation will be to the Budget committee to reinforce that the Southeast Community Recreation Centre is a priority. We are hoping that the Health Hub survey results will be released by the Goodings Committee to the public by then so we can speak to your feedback from survey as well. As always we welcome your comments.


Downtown Survey Delegation PDF (181Kb)

Downtown Cultural Hub Delegation PDF (197Kb)



Janet Haslett-Theall

JCRA President


Cultural Hub Study Options – Presented on June 24th

Posted July 13, 2015


On June 24, 2015 the Town presented their updated versions of the current Cultural Hub designs at the Performing Arts Centre.

Three versions were presented, followed by a brief Question and Answer period.


CLICK HERE to review the latest three options presented. (Oakville website)




Delegation To Council Feb 23, 2015 – Keep Elections Visible and Fair

Posted March 7, 2015

On Monday Feb 23, 2015 a group of delegations including JCRA, Chartwell Maple Grove Resident Association (represented by Tim Danter), Trafalgar Chartwell Resident Association, and three local residents, Scott McColeman, John- Frederick Cameron of the Oakville Federal Liberal Riding association and Che Marville, President of the Oakville NDP riding association spoke regarding a motion to ban election signs on public lands.

All delegations spoke to the need for reasonable limits and solutions versus the extreme of banning signs. No delegations came forward to support banning election signs on public lands though letters were received by Town Council. You can watch the delegation on TV Cogeco this week. Neighbourhood feedback to JCRA was supportive of the board’s position with a desire to find solutions that set reasonable limits and  enhanced by-law enforcement as needed.

Town Council listened and voted 10-1 to refer the matter back to staff to find a solution that is more balanced. Our delegation is posted in the pdf below.


Election Signs – Delegation to Council Feb 23 2015 – Pdf 80Kb


Update on the Oakville Private Tree Bylaw:

Amendments to the Private Tree Protection By-law 2008-156

Posted February 5, 2015

Last year Town Staff commenced a review and update of the current Private Tree Protection By-law, which was established in 2008, and engaged the public in its review process.

JCRA has been very active this year in representing our residents in this public process. JCRA participated in each public session, surveyed our members, met with other interest groups and residents associations, attended committee meetings and met with Town staff to provide our comments.

Protection of the tree canopy is a concern of general interest to our members and the JCRA Board has….


Click HERE to read our Update on the Private Tree By-law in PDF (89kB)


Also read a TD Economics Special Report on:

Urban Forests: The Value of Trees 2014 Pdf (272kB)


JCRA Midtown Development Update

Re: Oakville Midtown Development December 2014

Posted December 21, 2014

The goal of the Midtown Strategy is to create a vibrant, transit-supportive, mixed use urban community (home to 12,000 people) and an employment area (8,000 jobs) by 2031. This is a provincially mandated growth area and premier locale for intensification through Livable Oakville. The MidTown Plan encompasses… (Read more)


Click here: JCRA Midtown Development Update December 2014 pdf document


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