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Feb 7, 2018


Royal Windsor Pub


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Current Items:

JCRA – Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Joshua Creek Residents’ Association
Annual General Meeting

Date: Wednesday April 11, 2018
Time: 7:00 – 9:00pm – Doors open at 6:30pm
Where: Maple Grove Church 346 Maple Grove Rd. Oakville


Guest Speakers:

Air Quality and Alternate Fuel Burning – CRH Canada Group
Downtown Development – Jane Clohecy and Colleen Bell

Special Guests:

His Worship Mayor Rob Burton,
Regional Councillor Dave Gittings and Town Councillor Nick Hutchins
Jalil Hashemi – Forestry Manager and Oakville Green – Karen Black


Keep informed on developments in south-east Oakville, all residents are welcome to join us!


South East Community Centre – OPEN HOUSE

Posted February 7, 2018


The new South East Community Centre development is moving forward on the former OTMH hospital site. An open house is scheduled for:


February 8, 2018

Town Hall – Oakville Trafalgar Room

7 – 8:30pm

Open to all residents


See attached Public Notice (pdf 576Kb)


Chisholm School Lands – Update

Posted February 7, 2018


The former Chisholm school land (165 Charnwood Drive) purchase has been completed and a development sign has been posted on the property. Green Park Group has named the development the Georgian Estate Collection.

Also attached special provisions (below), for this property, created by the town as part of the conditions related to the purchase and sale of the property.

Link to Green Park webpage for Georgian Estate Collection

Chisholm Special Provisions – April 21, 2017 (pdf 144Kb)


South East Community Centre – Update

January 10, 2018


The proposed design for the South East Community Centre has been completed and has been assembled for public review.

To see the latest version of the proposed design in pdf click on the link below.


SECC Architect Presentation Nov 28 2017 PDF (1.5mb)


South East Community Centre – Update

Former Hospital Lands Report – from Council meeting May 2, 2017

The five resident associations of Ward 3 (South East Oakville) prepared a delegation that was presented to council on May 2 , 2017. See attached PDF of the letter to council.

RA Delegation to Council May 2, 2017 (77Kb)


We have also attached the reports presented by council that evening (May 2) by council:

Master Plan – Former Hospital Lands (634Kb)

Five year review of 2012 Parks and Rec and Library (313Kb)

Recreation and Cultural Develp. on SECC (304Kb)

Financial Statement – Former Hospital Lands (330Kb)


For additional information link to the towns Hospital Lands webpage – Click Here.




The JCRA has a new Facebook page in an effort to keep you informed!

LIKE US and get updates on happenings in your neighbourhood.


CLICK HERE to direct you to our Facebook page

CLICK HERE for info on how to connect and LIKE US on Facebook.(pdf)



Joshua Creek Residents’ Association AGM!

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Follow -up.

Posted April 11, 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended our AGM. We had a great turn out and wanted to thank everyone for attending and for all your questions presented to the Mayor, the Councillors and the town staff.

We have attached both the presentations by the JCRA and the Town of Oakville.

JCRA AGM 2017 Presentation (PowerPoint) 1058Kb – Click here

Town of Oakville JCRA AGM Update 2017 (PowerPoint) 4720Kb – Click here

Thank you for your support and please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your neighbourhood at anytime during the year.

Joshua Creek Residents’ Association

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017   7:00-9:00

Maple Grove United Church

346 Maple Grove Drive, Oakville


Guest Speakers: Commissioner of Community Development – Jane Clochey

Commissioner  of Community Services – Colleen Bell


Special Guests:

His Worship Mayor Rob Burton,

Regional Councillor Dave Gittings and Town Councillor Nick Hutchins


Keep informed on developments in south-east Oakville, all residents are welcome to join us!


Traffic changes for downtown Oakville

Posted January 10, 2017


Starting on January 5, 2017 you will notice some changes when driving through downtown Oakville. Navy Street, between Lakeshore and Rebecca/Randall, has been permanently converted to a two-way street. As well, the town’s first pedestrian crossover will be added at Navy and Church.


Later this month, the Lakeshore Road Bridge over Sixteen Mile Creek will be closed until late fall for reconstruction. As a result, Lakeshore Road between Navy and Forsythe will be closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic for the duration of the project. A detour around the bridge will be in place. We appreciate your patience during this work and remind residents that stores, the Central Library, the Oakville Centre for Performing Arts and Centennial Pool will all remain open during construction.


What style of street furniture do you like best? ModClassFurnish

Posted Sept 15, 2016

The town is moving forward with a much needed project to reconstruct Lakeshore Road East and is looking for more public input as it plans the future streetscape for downtown Oakville.  Now’s your chance to have your say. What style of furnishings would you like to see downtown — traditional, contemporary or classic? All of the furniture styles are designed to complement our downtown heritage district.

Our photos will give you a sense of each furniture style, but the images do not necessarily represent the final pieces that will be selected. To check out the three styles and choose the one you like best, visit us, or go online.


Visit us:

Saturday, Sept. 10, 9 a.m. – noon, Downtown Farmers’ Market, George Street

Wednesday, Sept. 14, 6 – 8 p.m., Sixteen Mile Sports Complex, 3070 Neyagawa Boulevard

Thursday Sept. 15, 6 – 8 p.m., Iroquois Ridge Community Centre, 1051 Glenashton Drive

Saturday, Sept. 17, 9 a.m. – noon, Downtown Farmers’ Market, George Street

Tuesday, Sept. 20, 6 – 8 p.m., Town Hall, Oakville/Trafalgar Room, 1225 Trafalgar Road

Wednesday, Sept. 21, 6 – 8 p.m., QEP Community and Cultural Centre, 2302 Bridge Road

Thursday, Sept. 22, 6 – 8 p.m., Glen Abbey Community Centre, 1415 Third Line


Go online

Visit our photo library between September 8 and September 23. Go to and search “lakeshore reconstruction”.

What’s next?

Once a style is determined, the next step is to choose the individual furniture pieces that work best for downtown Oakville. This will be part of the next round of public consultation happening later this fall.

Questions? Contact: or 905-845-6601

Posted May 11, 2016

Can the OMB be fixed enough to be saved?: Oakville mayor

After years of talking about reforming the Ontario Municipal Board, it’s time to act.Screenshot 2016-05-11 21.36.32

Our mayor, Rob Burton speaks out over his concerns regarding the OMB.

Article here…(link to


Deer Run Laneway  Open House May 19, 2016

Deer Run Avenue Laneway Access Open House

Town Hall

Thursday, May 19, 2016,

Drop-in from 2 to 8 p.m.



The Town of Oakville initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) to study and address the local roadway servicing needs at the east end of Deer Run Avenue. While the temporary emergency access is not a public roadway, there has been public use of the emergency access to gain access to and from Winston Churchill Boulevard. The Town restricted access to prevent public use pending a review of the local road network and transportation needs of the community.

At a public meeting on November 26, 2015, the town presented different options for addressing the local roadway servicing needs and received public input regarding those options.

Since then town staff has evaluated each option and identified a preferred solution.

At an upcoming open house on May 19, 2016, town representatives will be available to discuss the study and preferred option as well as to answer questions and obtain your feedback.

Downtown Cultural Hub Survey – Please Participate!

Posted April 22, 2016

The town is looking to all residence for feedback on the Downtown Cultural Hub development. Survey will be open until May 13, 2016. Please take time to complete this survey.

CLICK on the image below to take you to the survey…


Downtown Timeline

The town has issued a timeline on Downtown Projects

Posted April 22, 2016

Timeline Schedule CLICK HERE

DTOA Timeline


Let’s Talk Oakville  – Now available

Posted April 22, 2016

LTO 2016

CLICK HERE to read the latest Let’s Talk 2016 (PDF 2818kB)


JCRA  – 2016 AGM follow up

Posted April 22, 2016


Thank you to those members who attended the Annual General Meeting ( on a very rainy night)  and participated in discussions with MPP Kevin Flynn , Mayor Rob Burton and Councillors Gittings and Hutchins.

We have posted our presentation (below) for those of you who could not attend which reviews  our efforts in 2015  and plans for the upcoming year.


·   Of particular note MPP Flynn has acknowledged that money will be available “to support what is identified as needed ” by the Local Health Integration Network for health services in our area. We will continue to work with other RA’s to get the LHIN to address the concerns raised and to resolve what health services can and will be provided on the old Hospital Lands. The environmental assessment on the hospital lands is now under way and we will update you as reports come available. Community consultation on building plans for the Community Recreation Centre will not commence until late in 2016 or early 2017.


·   For those who have concerns regarding the number of ‘minor’ variances being requested, we have made significant progress in the last 3 months with the Town on how they address applications and comment to the Committee of Adjustment. Posted on our website is a letter we sent to the Town which summarizes our position.


·   A Town survey on Downtown Cultural Hub is coming out soon to give the Town a  better understanding  of  your views are on Downtown Cultural hub development.  We strongly encourage you to stay engaged with these initiatives. While development may be years away, the Town will make key decisions this year that will impact the long term vibrancy of Downtown.


·   Chisholm lands will go up for sale. The sale will be of the entire property ( 9 lots) conditional on it remaining zoned as is,  with 9 lots only. It will be a quiet summer on the property as any development would most likely be in 2017.


Finally, we remind members  to send in an annual donation to support JCRA efforts. We would prefer to maintain our ‘ donation’ approach rather than return to a required membership fee . Our costs are related to communication , the Annual general meeting and surveys.

Cheques can be dropped off at 153 Castle Cres. Oakville ON L6J 5H4 or 2242 Constance Dr. ON L6J 5L7


CLICK HERE for PDF document of AGM presentation (PDF 2286Kb)



Residents Guide to the Committee of Adjustment (COA) and “Minor Variances” – By John Canham (TCRA)

Posted Mar 9, 2016


We are pleased to share John Canham’s guide to the Committee of Adjustment. Over the past 16 months we have been working with TCRA, CMGRA and Oakville Lakeside to bring forward concerns regarding how the Town planners and the Committee of Adjustment address variance requests.

JCRA remains concerned that development in our area needs to be within our zoning bylaws and respectful of the character of our neighbourhoods. John’s guide gives residents valuable insight into this complex process. A Town guide is being developed and we will share it upon publication.


Click here for PDF version (66Kb)




Living With Coyotes – Town says public education is key to living with coyotes

Posted January 24, 2016


The Information Night on January 20, 2016 at St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School heard about coyote behaviour and what we all need to do to ensure a peaceful coexistence with wildlife in our community.

Information Night Wrap-up Pdf (103Kb)

Living With Coyotes Fact Sheet Pdf (161Kb)


These tips can help alleviate conflicts and discourage coyotes from approaching people and private property:


Never feed a coyote. Ensure garbage, compost and pet food are inaccessible.

* Do not leave food waste in community garbage cans. This encourages coyotes and other wildlife to frequent parks, sidewalks and school grounds to find food.

* Discourage coyotes from entering your property by consistently frightening them away. This is called “hazing”. Use motion sensor lights, spray with a hose, throw sticks or small objects, make lots of noise.

* Do not approach or attempt to tame or let your dog play with a coyote.

* Keep pets on leash as per town by-laws. Supervise them when they are in the yard. Cats should not be permitted to roam freely.

* If you encounter a coyote, waive your arms, shout, and act aggressively towards it. If approached while walking a small dog, pick your dog up and slowly back away while continuing to make loud noise. Do not turn your back on a coyote.

* If a coyote poses an immediate risk to safety, call 911.


Please report coyote sightings and activity through this Form (Click here)

If there is an immediate risk to safety call 911 as the reporting system is not designed to respond to these types of calls.


For more information please follow the link to the town website page on Coyotes (Click Link)



Trafalgar Road Overpass Construction Work – UPDATE

Posted January 24, 2016


Regarding the Trafalgar Road Overpass construction at the QEW, the completion of Stage 1 of the project has been delayed and the MTO has provided an update to the town as of January 22, 2016. The placement of expansion joint concrete, curing, epoxy injection and switching traffic to winter configuration (Stage 1) is expected to be completed by February 5, 2016, weather permitting. As of this date the road will be opened to 6 thru lanes for the remainder of the winter.


Stage 2 will then commence in Spring and the lane restrictions will be reinstated back to 4 lanes for the remainder of the year. At that time the town will also be reinstating the same traffic mitigation measures previously initiated.


Should you require any additional information, please feel free to contact:



Deer Run Avenue Laneway Access Class Environmental Assessment

December 14, 2015


A community information meeting was held at Otello’s Banquet Centre on November 26th 2015 regarding the Deer Run Ave. Laneway Access.

To access the fact sheets and presentation information, from that meeting, go to the Deer Run Avenue web page on the Town of Oakville website.


Deer Run Avenue Laneway Website Page Link…




A Report on the Community Impact of the Oakville Hospital Move

Posted December 14, 2015


In July of this year we circulated to our members a Family Health Hub Survey developed by the Oakville Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, OTMH Site.  The purpose of the survey was (1) to assess what effect the OTMH move will have on residents living in South-Central and South-East Oakville, especially those who are seniors and those of any age who are physically challenged or require continuing, chronically complex care, and (2) to assess service options for the proposed Family Health Hub adjacent to or part of the planned Community Centre.  


Five residents associations, including JCRA, assisted the Ad Hoc Committee in the distribution of the survey. The response to the survey was tremendous. 1,204 households responded. Thank you for your participation! The results of the survey have been summarized by the Ad Hoc Committee in its report to the Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network ( “MH LHIN” ). The report is posted below. The Ad Hoc committee advises they are working with the LHIN on taking action to address the concerns raised and the resident associations are reaching out to MPP Flynn to ask for his assistance.


In addition we have already delegated to Town Council emphasizing the urgent need for a Family Health Hub in close proximity to the planned Community Centre. The JCRA will continue to work tirelessly to make sure we have a Community Centre with the types of services you require. Once again, thank you for your participation in the survey. We will update you as we become aware of progress.


Report on the Community Impact attached here – PDF 7.5mb


Sign up for Town Newsletters, Surveys and Feedback Forms

Posted December 13, 2015


The new Town of Oakville Email initiative is designed to keep residents informed on key issues and updates on Town information.

Go to NEWSLETTERS home page and sign up for a newsletter of your choice and stay informed.


Deer Run Laneway Public Meeting
Thursday November 26, 2015

Posted November 16, 2015


public meeting to be held from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. on November 26, 2015 at:

Otello’s Banquet & Convention Centre at 2273 Royal Windsor Drive, Oakville.

We look forward to your participation in the EA process. If you would like to receive electronic notices and updates on this project, please email Jill Stephen at

(Jill Stephen,Senior Manager Transportation 905-845-6601 ext. 3308)


JCRA Delegation to council

Re: Downtown Cultural Hub and Downtown Plan

Posted October 25, 2015


Dear fellow residents,

Thank you to everyone (475 of you) that took the time complete the Downtown Cultural Hub Survey. It was time well spent as the survey provided us with great feedback to share with the Town.

The Staff  released their proposal for Phase 1 of the Downtown plan on September 25, 2015 which they presented to Planning and Development on October 5. Since we had just completed the survey analysis  we were able to share with Council your feedback and emphasize that there is still work to be done before a final Downtown Cultural Hub design is determined.


JCRA along with Chartwell Maple Grove Resident Association, Trafalgar Chartwell Resident Association and Oakville Lakeside Resident Association agreed to present as a coalition given we all participated in the survey. JCRA presented the Survey results and Oakville Lakeside a summary of concerns related to the staff request for implementation of the Downtown Streetscape and Downtown Cultural Hub.  Copies of the delegations are attached for your review. As of October  it is our understanding that serious consideration is being given to deferring any decisions until November 2, 2015 and that an additional deferral period may occur for the Cultural Hub components to address the questions the survey raised. We will update you!


Our next delegation will be to the Budget committee to reinforce that the Southeast Community Recreation Centre is a priority. We are hoping that the Health Hub survey results will be released by the Goodings Committee to the public by then so we can speak to your feedback from survey as well. As always we welcome your comments.


Downtown Survey Delegation PDF (181Kb)

Downtown Cultural Hub Delegation PDF (197Kb)



Janet Haslett-Theall

JCRA President



Downtown Cultural Hub Resident’s Survey (Now Closed)

Posted Sept 5, 2015


Dear Fellow Residents,

As you know may know Town staff have held public consultations and worked with external consultants over the last 18 months on a Downtown Cultural Hub Development plan. The Town Staff has now presented three final options for the Downtown Cultural Hub development and is seeking public input on the plans before they go to Council this fall.

This link takes you to a comprehensive look at the options and the history of the consultation.

If you have not had an opportunity to familiarizes yourself with the options you should pause and take a few minutes to review them and the Parking garage report.


JCRA has developed the Survey which you can locate through this SURVEY LINK in order to get your input on key issues related to the Downtown Cultural Hub plans, a possible new parking garage and our first ever South East Community Recreation Centre.

Please participate in the Survey, which should take no more than 10 minutes of your time.



JCRA provided our members and the Town with a position paper in June of 2014 to assist in the development of the options.


The new Downtown Cultural Hub options address many of our suggestions but they have now presented differences that are cause for greater conversation and consultation.

Here is a brief summary of those changes:

1)         There is only one option provided that disperses the cultural facilities across downtown and that option includes 4 residential 8 storey buildings on the public creek facing lands at Navy and Randall where the current Performing Arts Centre is and the Fire hall. These lands would be sold for residential development with one possibly for mixed use. This is identified as the New Build option.

2)         The Town has not presented an option that has residential on top of public facilities rather than selling public creek facing land or an option for a hotel.

3)        In the dispersed model the library moves away Centennial Square at (Lakeshore / Navy ) to the Post office site (George and Church).

4)         The cost of the project once estimated at 120 million is now between 140-207 million depending on the option chosen.

5)        Increased parking capacity is not clearly identified.

There is no proposed timeline that stages the build which makes it difficult to determine the annual capital commitment, potential tax implications or when we can anticipate changes.


The Town has commented that they have an 80 million annual capital budget or 800 million over a 10 year period. Some of those funds are already earmarked for infrastructure projects and other community projects including the Southeast Oakville Community Recreation Centre.


It is JCRA’s view that the Community Recreation Centre for Southeast Oakville is a top priority in keeping with fair geographical distribution of community services and our community needs. . The funding and timing of the Community Recreation Centre will be decided in October.  Town Council will receive a report on the Downtown Options this fall and we want to know your views. We continue to support the importance of a vibrant Downtown for ALL of Oakville


This survey is confidential but the combined results will assist us in championing the needs of our community with Town Council. If you provide us with text comments please note they may be used in summarizing the results. Two other Resident Associations in Southeast Oakville are participating and we hope you will share the survey link with your neighbours to get maximum participation.

If you have questions regarding the survey you can email us at


Survey Link: CLICK HERE (Survey Monkey Link)

The survey will remain open until Sept 16 midnight.


Thank you for your input and have a great September,

The JCRA Executive


West Nile: Mosquitoes in Oakville, Burlington test positive for West Nile Virus

(Michael Gregory, Burlington Post Aug 24, 2015)


A batch of mosquitoes in Burlington and Oakville tested positive for West Nile Virus (WNV), Halton Region said Thursday.


“In looking at our West Nile virus data since 2002, it is clear that August and September are the months with the highest risk for Halton residents to become infected with West Nile virus,” said Dr. Monir Taha, Halton region associate medical officer of health. “Now and until the hard frosts of fall set in, Halton residents should take extra efforts to protect themselves against mosquito bites and remove mosquito breeding sites.”


The Region warns that mosquitoes known to transmit WNV to humans commonly breed in objects in urban areas such as bird baths, plant pots, old toys and tires which all can hold standing water.


It recommends taking the following steps to protect against mosquitoes:

1.  Cover up. Wear light-coloured, long-sleeved shirts and pants with tightly-woven fabric.

2.  Avoid being outdoors from early evening to morning when mosquitoes are most active and likely to bite, as well as at any time in shady, wooded areas.

3. Reduce mosquito breeding sites around your home by getting rid of all water-filled containers and objects. Change the water in bird baths at least once per week.

4.  Use an approved insect repellent, such as one containing DEET or icaridin.

5.  Make sure your window and door screens are tight and without holes, cuts or other openings.


The majority of people infected with the West Nile virus (approximately 70-80 per cent) have no symptoms and don’t feel sick. For the remainder, most have mild symptoms that usually appear within two to 15 days after infection. These symptoms include fever, headache, body aches, mild rash and swollen lymph glands.


While anyone infected can be at risk of developing more severe symptoms and health effects such as meningitis and encephalitis, adults 50 years of age and older and those with underlying conditions and/or weaker immune systems are at greater risk. Fewer than one per cent of those infected with the virus will develop severe symptoms and health effects such as rapid onset of severe headache, high fever, stiff neck, nausea, difficulty swallowing, vomiting, drowsiness, confusion, loss of consciousness, lack of coordination, muscle weakness and paralysis, Public Health Agency of Canada officials say.


There is no specific treatment or vaccine for West Nile virus and some patients with severe illness could experience a variety of health effects for months or years afterwards.


UPATE: Chisholm Public School Demolition Date Set

Posted Sept 5, 2015

The Town’s Facilities and Construction Management department has advised that the demolition of the Chisholm Public School building has been delayed due to permitting and is scheduled to take place during the month on September 2015.

Residence in the area will be notified by mail of these changes.

Air Quality Update July 2015

Posted July 23, 2015

The Ontario government has now filed Ontario Regulation 79/15 – Alternative Low Carbon Fuels and O. Reg. 80/15 (Amending O. Reg. 681/94 (Classification of Proposals for Instruments)). The regulations create a new regulatory approvals pathway to help energy-intensive industries (i.e., cement, lime, iron and steel – our local example is Holcim) reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases by…(continue reading)


Cultural Hub Study Options – Presented on June 24th

Posted July 13, 2015


On June 24, 2015 the Town presented their updated versions of the current Cultural Hub designs at the Performing Arts Centre.

Three versions were presented, followed by a brief Question and Answer period.


CLICK HERE to review the latest three options presented. (Oakville website)



SURVEY – Family Health Hub – South Central/East Oakville

Posted July 6, 2015


Dear Fellow Residents

As you all know the Hospital is moving this December and while it will be a great new  facility there remain concerns about gaps in health care services in our area when the Hospital moves.

The purpose of the survey is (1) to assess what effect the OTMH move will have on residents living in South-Central and South-East Oakville, especially those who are seniors and those of any age who are physically challenged or require continuing, chronically complex care, and (2) to assess service options for the proposed “Family Health Hub”.


The link below takes you to an anonymous survey which protects your privacy while giving the committee community results .

Please complete one survey per household  by July 13, 2015. If you have neighbours who are not on our list: ask them for their email and forward this email to them so we can get as large a response as possible.


If by chance the link is not working; cut and paste it into your web browser and it will take you to the site.


The resident associations are assisting the Ad Hoc committee by helping them reach as many residents within the South Central and South East part of Oakville.

The survey will take just a few minutes to complete. At the end is a text box where you can share your additional thoughts on the use of the Hospital site including the planned for Community Recreation Centre.

As always if you have questions you can reach us by email at :


Regards and Thank you



Oakville’s new Summer Cultural Connection debuts Saturday, June 6, 2015

Downtown will come alive:  farmers’ market and cultural events supported by Union Gas


Downtown Oakville will come alive with cultural events and activities every Saturday from June to October thanks to Oakville’s Summer Cultural Connection, a new summer events initiative launched by the Town of Oakville and supported by a generous $40,000 donation from Union Gas.


“Oakville is a community where culture engages, inspires and thrives,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “Thanks to the generous donation from Union Gas, residents will have the opportunity to enjoy Summer Cultural Connection events throughout the summer.”


The Summer Cultural Connection will include:

– a farmers’ market and creative cultural programming featuring town partners and local organizations at Centennial Square and on Navy Street every Saturday from June 6 to October 31 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

– weekend recreational events at Lakeside Park

– a series of exciting pop-up events related to monthly themes of recreation, sport, culture, and heritage.


“At Union Gas we work hard to share our success with the more than 400 communities we serve,” said Mark Emmanuel-Egbedeyi, district manager, Hamilton Halton, Union Gas. “We’re thrilled to support the Town of Oakville’s Summer Cultural Connection which supports the advancement and development of cultural programming that helps make the community even more vibrant.”


The town invites any interested local arts, cultural, heritage, sport or recreation organizations to participate in showcasing their cultural activities as part of the Summer Cultural Connection. Interested organizations are encouraged to contact for more information.


The Downtown Cultural Hub Study, part of the Downtown Plan, will explore opportunities to create a downtown cultural and performing arts space that will form a cultural, social, and economic hub for our community. For more information, visit


DowntownPlanHEADERDowntown RENDERING

Posted April 19, 2015

Downtown Plan moves into engineering design phase for Lakeshore Road

The final report for the Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study was presented to Council on April 13, 2015.
The Downtown Plan moves into a new phase as Council approved the Streetscape Master Plan at its meeting Monday night, and instructed staff to start the engineering design work for Lakeshore Road East, finalizing the Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study.
“Council’s decision on Monday night is a critical step in the revitalization of Downtown Oakville,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “We were pleased to see the number of residents and business owners who participated so passionately in our public meetings. Their feedback will ensure we continue being the most livable town in Canada.”
In conjunction with the Downtown Plan, staff presented a feasibility study that looked at the cost of building a second parking garage on… (Continued in Key Issues/Downtown/Downtown Streetscape)



JCRA Annual General Meeting – March 24, 2015 wrap-up!

Posted March 30, 2015


Thank you to all our neighbours who were able to join us on March 24th for the JCRA – AGM 2015. Your questions and interest in our community always encourages us to continue our efforts on behalf of the community.

For those who could not attend….Link to JCRA ACTIVITIES page.


Public Notice – Town Of Oakvilleoakville_logo_45pxhieght

Posted March 24, 2015

Deer Run Avenue Laneway. Read Notice – Pdf 141Kb


Annual Oakville State of Environment report (SOER) by the Environmental Policy Department – Town of Oakville 2014:

Posted March 8, 2015

SOER is an annual report put together by Environmental Policy Department – a department of the Town of Oakville active in many educational programs and initiatives concerning promotion of Environmental Strategic Plan (ESP). ESP was endorsed by the Oakville council in 2011.


For the most up-to-date report on Oakville (SOER) please read further on our AIR QUALITY page.


Delegation To Council Feb 23, 2015 – Keep Elections Visible and Fair

Posted March 7, 2015

On Monday Feb 23, 2015 a group of delegations including JCRA, Chartwell Maple Grove Resident Association (represented by Tim Danter), Trafalgar Chartwell Resident Association, and three local residents, Scott McColeman, John- Frederick Cameron of the Oakville Federal Liberal Riding association and Che Marville, President of the Oakville NDP riding association spoke regarding a motion to ban election signs on public lands.

All delegations spoke to the need for reasonable limits and solutions versus the extreme of banning signs. No delegations came forward to support banning election signs on public lands though letters were received by Town Council. You can watch the delegation on TV Cogeco this week. Neighbourhood feedback to JCRA was supportive of the board’s position with a desire to find solutions that set reasonable limits and  enhanced by-law enforcement as needed.

Town Council listened and voted 10-1 to refer the matter back to staff to find a solution that is more balanced. Our delegation is posted in the pdf below.


Election Signs – Delegation to Council Feb 23 2015 – Pdf 80Kb


Update on the Oakville Private Tree Bylaw:

Amendments to the Private Tree Protection By-law 2008-156

Posted February 5, 2015

Last year Town Staff commenced a review and update of the current Private Tree Protection By-law, which was established in 2008, and engaged the public in its review process.

JCRA has been very active this year in representing our residents in this public process. JCRA participated in each public session, surveyed our members, met with other interest groups and residents associations, attended committee meetings and met with Town staff to provide our comments.

Protection of the tree canopy is a concern of general interest to our members and the JCRA Board has….


Click HERE to read our Update on the Private Tree By-law in PDF (89kB)


Also read a TD Economics Special Report on:

Urban Forests: The Value of Trees 2014 Pdf (272kB)


Banning of Election Signs in Oakville

Posted January 29, 2015

The JCRA board is concerned that Town Council is once again considering banning election signs on public property. We recognize that for 4-5 weeks this fall Ford Drive was sign crazy.

We also had the largest number of candidates of all the wards. However, we believe that for the short period of time signs are allowed, they do spark us all to do our research; to get out and vote and…

Click here to read on!


2015 Citizen Survey Update (see previous below)

Posted January 20, 2015 by JCRA

Updated February 5, 2015


The Town of Oakville Citizen survey ended on January 30, 2015


We have highlighted below a number of local issues that we felt that you should consider. We will continue to post them on the website to remind our residents of the pressing issues that the JCRA will be working on, on your behalf, this year. Check back to our website often to keep updated on these items and more.


1)  Midtown: What will be done to ensure the infrastructure is in place to accommodate the additional traffic before the extensive development has begun

2)  Southeast Community Centre: Reinforcement that a full size community centre on the Hospital Lands be expedited when the Hospital closes in Dec 2015.

3)  Some form of medical triage or senior medical care facility be part of the Hospital Lands redevelopment

4)  Chisholm school : that the demolition and construction be planned to minimize neighbour disruption ; protecting the use of the playground and ensuring resident safety

5)  That the town increase the notification period provided for Committee of Adjustment variance requests so that neighbours have time to consider and come forward with their concerns

6)  That the Town uphold the standards in Urban Planning Design guidelines for stable residents such that the development of homes meets the InZone and Official Plans.

7)  Tree Canopy: The town needs to get control over the tree protection on properties being developed through site plan and take greater steps to protect our neighbourhood trees through enhancing the private tree bylaw.


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JCRA Midtown Development Update

Re: Oakville Midtown Development December 2014

Posted December 21, 2014

The goal of the Midtown Strategy is to create a vibrant, transit-supportive, mixed use urban community (home to 12,000 people) and an employment area (8,000 jobs) by 2031. This is a provincially mandated growth area and premier locale for intensification through Livable Oakville. The MidTown Plan encompasses… (Read more)


Click here: JCRA Midtown Development Update December 2014 pdf document


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